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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My six quirks...

I have been tagged by *nigeriandramaqueen* and *simispeaks*. I was hoping no one would tag me cos I am JJC to this blogging thing but 'nigeriandramaqueen kindly gave me a tutorial (LINKING 101 for dummies) so here goes... Here are the rules:

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1. I count ceiling squares, bathroom tiles, pavement sections, in fact anything that comes in squares and sequence. I read that this is a sympton of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Perhaps I need to see a shrink where (if I was an American) our first session would uncover the fact that my OCD emanates from my childhood where I saw my brother kill a lizard when I was 4 years old or something just as ridiculous...

2. When I fart (yes, everybody does, even yours truly) I sometimes grab at the air behind my butt to smell it. This quirk REALLY is from my childhood when we (my sisters and I) would try to guess the 'fart origin' (eggs, meat, beans, tuwo or rice).

3. I practice crying in front of the mirror. This is because I have a very ugly cry, red eyes, wayward tears, mucus intermingling with the tears and running into wide open mouth...you get the picture. I wish I could cry like I was being directed by a hollywood director (note pls that I said HOLLYWOOD not NOLLYWOOD.

5. I have a terrible memory for names. I can always remember the face but names are my nemesis. I try to link names with another object so that I can remember so whenever I am introduced to someone new, mentally I automatically rhyme the name with something else. I just met my husbands colleague, Ajibike. In my mind, I quickly made a mental note 'Ajibike Fiffike', the second word meaning 'wings' in Hausa. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

6. For breads, cakes and pastries, I prefer when they are slightly burnt. I love to eat the edges of cakes that come out a darker shade of brown and I also love the crust of the bread .Those are my 6 quirky things. I tag Chxta, Wetindey, 36inches, Ijebuman, anonymousgal, and Naapali.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Postscript: The bigger they come, the harder they fall!!!

There is a God afterall. It's a knockout in round one. El Rufai 10, Senators 0. I cannot find words to describe how confident and eloquent El Rufai was in shooting down every accusation. He was precise, concise and factual. He had documents to back up his every decision as Minister and being a lawyer, he made sure his every move was legal. Even the senators were mesmerised. El Rufai took control of 'their' senate right under their noses while they sat slackjawed! I bow in submission and cannot even organise my thoughts enough to write. Luckily, the Thursday Retort column at the back page of Thisday Newspaper (1/5/08) did a most honest and brilliant job, expressing my sentiments exactly. How I wish I could have plagiarised and passed off the article as my own LOL. The panel could not exhaust everything yesterday and requested that El Rufai reappear next week. He so humbly asked them to reconvene tomorrow, Friday, because of his Law Exams in the UK next week. They refused and insisted he reappears next Wednesday. How petty! Anyway, people say that they want the time to regroup and decide what next, since they were obviously showed up in this round. Hausa people say that 'if you are digging a grave to trap someone, make sure you dig deep enough for two. You might just end up inside'. In this instance, the intended victim seems to jump over the grave while the diggers are about to fall in.